Breakout the pitchforks and torches.  In light of the recent Nexus 4 shipping fiasco, XDA member munchy_cool, has started a petition to address the matter. I know what your thinking, not another petition. Normally I would agree, but seeing I am waiting for an email as well, I’ll be selfish just this once. Yesterday a large number of users received back order emails. People in this group should receive their device in under 3 weeks. The real issue is there’s a large number of people that have not received either an email and aren’t getting much help from Play Store customer service. We have been told for the last 2 days to call back the next day if shipping information isn’t  received. At this point the facts are jumbled with customer service jargon, and we all just want facts.  So hopefully with enough signatures we can actually get Google to acknowledge the situation and hopefully get some some facts to when our devices will arrive.


Source: XDA

  • Tony

    I’d be happy with: “I got my order in! So I know I’ll be getting mine within 3 weeks.”

    All the angry people are starting to sound exactly like the self entitled self important iSheep right after the iPhone launches. I thought Android people were not like that and that’s what made them better?

    • NaimanD

      I don’t think that it is so much that they didn’t receive their phone. It is more along the lines of people that ordered their phones after the ones who received the backordered email have gotten their phones.

      To top it all of the CSR’s have been utterly useless. They have repeatedly said that the orders are to go out in which they order that they were received, and that is an obvious lie proven over and over again.

  • GrowUpPeople

    Grow up people and learn patience. Google is obviously hammered with overwhelming demand and trying to get products to customers. No need to slow them down with endless whining to customer support or silly petitions. Either patiently wait or cancel your order.

    • jd

      Have you even read the article? We are not rushing Google to send us the phones faster. We just want to know what the situation is and when it will be resolved. Right now every CSR you call has his story so we are totally in the dark as to what happened to our order. As to they were hammered, how come the ones ordered later were processed first and the ones ordered earlier are left in bo?

      Again, just some info would be nice. We paid our money, and we deserve to be treated with some respect

  • Matt
  • Ether Bunny

    I will say it here since i cant say it on the forum… and no, i am not an apple fan. I am android, and have my BO email. I will be sitting here waiting patiently because i expected this to happen. Did you all honestly think they would have an unlimited supply of devices to satisfy every single order that came through on launch day?
    You are all a bunch of self entitled pr!cks! Start a petition to help feed a starving homeless child or something, or move this conversation to G+ and keep tagging +Google and +Nexus in every comment, that will surely get their attention.

    • clayton1

      all i have to say is… your an idiot! we ordered a phone and now we have no idea where or what it is doing! we are entitled to know about what’s going on!

    • Nexus Purchaser

      Self-entitled? Damn right. They sent me a confirmation e-mail and a phone rep assured me that my $388 order would ship within 48 hours, after the most terrible ordering experience I’ve ever encountered. It’s been 4 days and no reps have a clue as to what exactly is going on with my order.

      If I purchase a product, pay for 2-day shipping and receive confirmation. I expect to have the said product in the time frame it was promised.