Oh goody, more talks and rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S IV. You know you like hearing about what the world is talking about in the latest and greatest devices out now, coming soon and coming next year. It is like Christmas, always something to look forward too. The latest round of Samsung Galaxy S IV rumors that surfaced this week are fairly on point for what Samsung should be shooting for with their next globally successful device.

To start off, there is rumors and talks of Samsung dropping in a 4.99-inch Super AMOLED HD display sporting a resolution of 1080p at a mind-blowing 441 pixels per inch. Now don’t go taking that out of proportion when it comes to size though. Sure the original Note had a 5.3-inch screen and 4.99-inch is about as close as you can get to that same size without being a phablet. However, the current Galaxy S III sports a 4.8-inch screen now and is a lot smaller than the imagination runs away with. With Samsung getting the bezel of the device even thinner every year, it is reasonable to assume that by simply pushing the edges back a little on all four sides, they could easily get a larger screen in a similar sized body.

Another bump that is rumored and also expected by us, is a larger MP camera. The 8MP camera on the S III is pretty darn nice and many people are perfectly happy with that. As tech evolves though, so must our smartphones. The suspected advancement in camera tech would push the Galaxy S IV to a 13MP camera. Which we saw the module for leaked out back in October. Also likely keeping all the wonders of an LED Flash and of course 1080p video capabilities along with 1080p video playback.

When it comes to internal processing power, we know Samsung keeps that all in-house as well. We can Expect an Exynos processor, but this time around sporting the Adonis. Which is a 28nm based on the ARM Cortex-A15. If you are lost as I get when it gets to all that hardcore detailed stuff, lets just say this sucker FLIES! It should also help out with power consumption a great deal. (My personal speculation also will include a slightly larger stock battery. Moving it up from the current 2100 mAh to at least a 2600 mAh.)

Generally the world gets its first glimpse of the latest Galaxy S device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain in February. Korean site Asiae is suggesting that it could be roaming free at CES in January. I’m not personally buying it though. I expect it could be there roaming around in the hands of upper level management, but not be show cased on the show floor. I would love to be wrong though. They are more likely to be showing off the new 4.99 Super AMOLED HD panels put inside various housings though. We will be sure to hit up their booth and see what we can find out while we are there.

So what else does the Galaxy S IV need to have in order to out do its current Galaxy S III brother? We would expect it to come with the 2GB of RAM for starters. It should have a fairly similar design as the S III and Note II, with the two capacitive buttons and the single home key. We don’t see Samsung changing a design that clearly works. LTE support is a must if they want to have a chance in the U.S. again on the next go round and bring quad-core to Verizon. We also expect Samsung to keep the battery removable and the availability of a micro SD card. If they choose to ditch the SD card, then they better follow HTC’s latest Droid DNA and bring 64GB out of the gates at a lower price. Those are just our predictions and requests. What do you guys have in mind?

P.S. Image via Techjr. I think the next Galaxy S could end up looking pretty darn similar, minus the onscreen buttons.

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  • Interloper

    There aere a few groups on linkedin talking about several samsung devices. I find linkedin a great source fpr android and device news. It’s very international.

  • Tony Cerda

    Sign me up! I’ll take it!


  • Daniél Lecoq

    “Sure the original Note had a 5-inch screen and 4.99-inch is about as close as you can get to that same size.”

    Correction, the original Note got a 5.3″ screen

    • http://www.androidspin.com Stormy Beach

      Corrected. Thanks. Could have sworn I had 5.3 in there. Things don’t always like to save on WP for us lately.

      • Daniél Lecoq

        anytime.. I got the Note, so though, hmm.. wait, that’s wrong…

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  • androidEyez

    One thing is for sure Samsung will never disappoint they have been on there grind since the first GS I skipped the 3 and I am just gonna wait for the 4it is pointless to grab the newest every year so please bring it on I’m ready my upgrade is burning a whole in my pocket!!

  • http://androidforumturkiye.com.tr Android Forum Turkiye

    I think come with 2.0 ghz and 3gb ram.

  • mattie

    The DNA doesnt have 64b of storage…

  • http://gsmolivia.com Hayat Khan

    Dear web master. the post actually very nice but some peoples say about this product will released after may 2013. what you say he is right?

  • Jess

    i want it, really nice phone, when will it come out?

  • Robert Robinson

    On the fact of the processor, there could be a rumor that the SIV will be running the new Exynos V Octa, the eight core processor from Samsung. It was showed at the keynote at CES, and sports a A15 and an A7 all inside one processor. That is as much as I can add for now, with a good chance of it running the oled display. Great article and hope I added something to help.

  • Adnan

    It would rock the show if the new S IV looks exactly like the pic above,and I would deeply recommend them to not ditch the SD card,it should share somewhat similar qualities with it’s little brother right ?