A month ago today, we brought you a story regarding Goal Zero and their offering of help to those affected by Super Storm Sandy.  Goal Zero has donated damn near $600,000.00 USD in solar powered products, which means that in the 15 day window of the promotion, almost $600,000.00 in sales were made which in turn helped thousands upon thousands of people left without light, power, and in some cases warmth.  This is a great sign of the humanity that lies in us all and our willingness to help those in need when we can.  Here is a little more of what Goal Zero had to say about the efforts put forth:

 In only two weeks, the Goal Zero Nation generated $594,670 in portable solar power products which equated to 3,965 solar kits donated or 11,000 phones charged and almost 120,000 hours in talk time for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Through the “You Buy One, We Give One” campaign, Goal Zero customers were given the opportunity to turn their purchases into phone chargers, lights, and generators for people in need. 


From November 1 to November 15, Goal Zero tracked all sales made at participating retailers, as well as their online store. With a desire to help as many people as quickly as they could, Goal Zero quickly packed up a 
semi-truck full of portable rechargers, solar panels and accessories before ever receiving sales totals. Customers across the nation answered the company’s challenge, pushing sales to nearly $600,000 in 15 days, giving Goal Zero a great reason to pack up another truckload of gear for those still without power on the east coast.

“The coolest part about You Buy One, We Give one, was that it started from the ground up,” said Joe Atkin, President and CEO of Goal Zero. “Our employees came to us with the entire plan of what to send and how to get it there. They even volunteered to load up the truck and deliver the gear themselves.”

Over the last two weeks, Goal Zero employees nicknamed the Hurricane Sandy Relief Squad, spent time on the east coast cleaning houses and delivering lights, solar panels and portable rechargers, capable of powering everything from cellphones to refrigerators. With the help of Team Rubicon and countless number of volunteers on the ground, the Goal Zero Hurricane Sandy Relief Squad was able to help families in the Rockaways, New York, and Brick, New Jersey.

“We couldn’t have made as much of an impact without the help of our amazing retail partners and everyone in Goal Zero Nation,” said Atkin. “With their help, we made the powerless, powerful.

Participation from retailers was astounding.  Lowe’s not only helped to donate over 472 kits, they also pushed You Buy One, We Give One to their followers via social media. Retailer contributions totaled 2,834 kits. That number combined with purchases made at GoalZero.com made for a campaign total of 3,965 kits donated. That equates to over 11,000 phones charged and almost 120,000 hours in talk time. 

For a complete list of retailers and individuals who contributed to You Buy One, We Give One, and to read 
first-hand accounts from the Goal Zero Hurricane Sandy Relief Squad, visit the company’s blog at www.goalzero.com/blog

I would like to take this opportunity to say Way To Go to all that donated and helped.  When given the chance to help and shine you all did a great job and though you will probably never get to see the faces of those you helped and the lives you touched, they are grateful to you and would probably give you a hug given the chance.

With a happy heart, Zachdroid…OUT

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