Oh HTC. The OEM that brought us the very first Android device, as well as the first Nexus device; is sinking slowly. How has it that they have slipped into the market quick sand? I blame Sense! Okay, that is a little premature, and I know it really has nothing to do with that ugly UI they cover up stock Android with. To me, HTC has the best hardware in their phones. I have had nothing but HTC phones, and each one has lasted to the very end of our relationships. Now HTC has a smartphone up their sleeve that gives them hope that they can plug the hole in their sinking ship.

The HTC “M7” is rumored to be the new HTC flagship phone to be released in Q1 of 2013. M7 is the codename they are using, so odds are they will no stick with it. To me it sounds like a car model, which kind of makes sense, since HTC loves to add a sports car like style to their phones like they did with the Droid Incredible. This phone is supposed to have some pretty impressive specs. 5-inch HD display, a uni-body aluminum shell, Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processor and a 13 megapixel camera. Sounds delicious, and that display will no doubt be an eye-catcher, since everyone has been raving about the display of the DNA. Which reminds me, next time I am by a Verizon Wireless, I must go in and drool at this splendor of a phone. T-Mobile better get this one, or I will quit the ManDroid Show. That was too dramatic.

So what do you guys think? Think it will be enough to raise HTC from the pits of the economic quandary they are in? Or will this be another miss?

Source: HTC Source

  • kingap

    posting a photo of the G2 battery cover hits so close to home – its still my current phone but i’m setting sail for the nexus 4 since HTC decided they didnt want to give us a G3

    • FILA

      thats right, this year would of been a G3 year, damn them

  • FILA

    the back from the G2. Good phone I missed out on but I got the MyTouch 4G at that time. Anyways I gotta stop in a Verizon store myself to play with that DNA. HTC needs to push out these DNA style phones to GSM also, so T-Mobile can get a little action on it. Why dont they make Sense and option, be the first maker to actually have a on and off switch with the UI. Lower price instead of there favorite $600 price tag, advertise and maybe they can pull out. Nobody even knows the DNA exist

  • scarshapedstar

    Usable storage on my OG Incredible: 40gb
    Usable storage on the new Droid DNA: 11gb

    I can’t wait 3 years for an upgrade…