[Video] Galaxy S III Premium Suite Upgrade Revealed in New Video


Every time one of my friends asks me which phone they should get, I always suggest the Galaxy S III. I am HTC all the way, but the GSIII just seems to fit your “average” smartphone user. I let them know all the features it has, and within days, they have made the leap to the GSIII. Well now the phone will be getting the “Premium Suite” upgrade, that is sure to impress, more so than it already has.

Multi-window, a customizable notification panel, smart rotation, NFC and reader features, are just some of the features you will see in the video below. So many new features coming with this upgrade, and with Jelly Bean rolling out, this phone is not the same phone we saw when it was unveiled. The video is only part 1, since there are so many features to go over. Check it out, and let us know what you guys think.

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David Pena
Been an Android nerd since the G1 days. I believe I hacked and flashed that phone into dust. Currently sport a Nexus 5 sized bulge in my pocket, which I am absolutely loving. I also host and produce The ManDroid Show every week and love talking Android to whoever wants to talk about it. So let's talk!

  • FILA

    So many options and gestures and crap, Id forget all the features. Its great Sammy is developing so many of there ideas into there phones. For people like me who only deal with stock Android, its kinda hard to know all of this when I dont deal with this UI

  • Khandokar

    Yes the Jelly bean is super fast, just downloaded last night on my GS3, but still don’t have the multi screen option, don’t know why?

    • http://www.androidspin.com Stormy Beach

      Cause the update you got was for Android 4.1.1 probably. This is coming int he 4.1.2 update. Check and let us know what version you are on now.

    • Josh

      Yeah i just got my update today and its still 4.1.1, how do i fix?

      • dodgefan67

        how do you fix an update? wait for the next update. there’s nothing wrong with 4.1.1 it just doesn’t have the new features that Premium Suite is supposed to have. it will come soon

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