The battle between end users, Verizon and Google Wallet has been a long and not very successful one. At one point, the app was available for install on stock devices, but was hard to find in the Play Store without a direct link. It seemed to be hit and miss for many people. Since August though, Google Wallet has remained unusable for all Verizon devices. Yes, one could mod and root and play the hackery game, but for general stock users, it was worthless.

Verizon has responded to a FCC complaint that was filed that accused Verizon of blocking the app. The response is less than ideal though. The respondent, Idalia Charles, starts off by clearing the air on the issue of Verizon blocking the app. Those claims are simply inaccurate. Idalia also points out quickly that Verizon doesn’t block any apps from being downloaded through the Verizon network nor do they block users from downloading any other apps as long as it is compatible with their devices and the basic operating systems approved for their networks. They state that Google Wallet needs access to the devices “Secure Element.” Which according to Verizon, is fundamentally separate from the devices basic hardware and operating system. If Google takes that aspect away, then it will be a completely different story.

Take a read of their response for your self.

So basically, Verizon has no issues with Google Wallet being available, if they take away the secure element aspect of the app. Which makes the app pretty useless, or Google and OEM’s can go through Verizon’s approval process and get the support and app pre-loaded to devices.

Personally I find it all bit shady. It is no coincidence that Verizon is in cohoots AT&T and T-Mobile to bring Isis to the table. Which is similar to Google Wallet, but still quite a bit different.  Why would they want to allow Google Wallet on to devices if they aren’t going to make a profit in doing so? Verizon has every right to not allow something access to their devices on their network if the grounds are legitimate. I know nothing about the “Secure Element” or how that affects devices. I am pretty sure it all ties into why they lock down their bootloaders constantly too though.

What is your take on the response and the issue? Is it Verizon’s way of keep one service out to push their upcoming Isis? Is really a secure element issue that they believe would harm their network, consumers or proprietary information on the device? Please feel free to leave a comment below and let’s get some good discussion going about all of this.

Source: Droiddog

  • Adrian

    Like you, Stormy, I don’t know much about secure element. Reading the VZW response, it sounds as if they created Android, designed and manufactured the Galaxy Nexus. Then this crazy third party app developer, Google, released some Wallet app that is incompatible with OUR OS. The letter reads like Apple’s explanation for rejecting an app from their store.

  • frettfreak

    Yeah, lets take the portion of your e-wallet that keeps everything SECURE and remove it… sounds like a great idea verizon!

    just another power play by verizon to TRY and push blame off themselves. A pretty lame attempt that most educated people should see through but here is another (cause we needed more) reason NOT to choose the most expensive ripoff network in the states.

  • FILA

    Verizon just doesnt want Google Wallet on there system. The Secure Element is in the NFC, the galaxy nexus has it, but Verizon’s excuse is that it dont? come on