The Fall of Clover Pay (A Paypal Alternative)




Over the last few months I have slowly watched features being disabled on my favorite way to send money, Clover Play. I can not stress how sad I was to finally have confirmation  that my worries were not without merit.




I was worried enough over the less functional app, and lack of updates that I moved all my money back to my bank account months ago. Then after finding out my account had been bumped back to gold status and could not add my Debit Card back after upgrading phones, I finally emailed the Clover Pay team wondering what the deal was. As you can see from above, we can now say Goodbye, to the fall of a Clover..



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Russ (Tiger13), WARNING: following me has been found in recent studies to cause mental instability, should see doctor first If pregnant or breast feeding other side affects may apply..

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