[Update] Gameloft and Rockstar add in some games for just a $0.99, WildBlood or GTA III Anyone?


Are you getting tired of clicking “Buy” and spending some money on a bunch of great games for pretty cheap? We didn’t think so. We tossed out some of the games that are on sale right now from EA, Square Enix and a couple of others we thought you guys would like to snag while they were on sale. Well, a few more have great games that we are sure you might want to pick up have just crossed our door step. Seems Gameloft and Rockstar Games aren’t going to be missing out on this hot time of the year for spending. For a limited time you snag the following games for just under a dollar. Just click the title you want ans it will magically transport you to the Play Store for purchase.


WildBlood – $6.99 now $0.99

NEW –¬†Order & Chaos Online – $6.99 now $0.99

Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto III – $4.99 now $0.99

Max Payne Mobile – $2.99 now $0.99

We also found one more game from Square Enix on sale, Final Fantasy. Along with Super Money Ball 2: Sakura Ed from SEGA. We updated each of those posts as well.

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