It is a Christmas miracle. Well, not really. Verizon apparently started to push out an OTA update to the Motorola DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX. The update is being reported as taking your devices to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.  Talk about an awesome early present, if it worked. Looks like it is being met with various issues though. Plenty of people are getting “update suspended” and “download failed” messages. Many after letting their device sit for as long as 1.5 hours. What’s worse, is that after it fails, if you check for updates again the device reports that it is “up to date.”

Not sure what happened there. Either someone goofed bad and pushed it to the servers to early and then recalled it, or there is a serious delivery issue going on. Seems Verizon is telling people to call Motorola and Motorola isn’t aware of an OTA rolling out. We saw a few people say they snagged it and installed it, but we assume those were the ones that snuck in before things got reversed.

Did any of our readers get it installed before all the failures started happening? If so, is it running smoothly or is it loaded with issues?

Source: Android Central, Verizon RAZR MAXX 1 & 2, Verizon RAZR

  • CJ

    Awesome! Lol.

  • Nicholas

    I was unfortunately one of the ones that got a failed update, so I can at least verify that something tried to go out.

    • Karl

      There never was an update it was a glitch when Motorola was updating there servers with a patch and it though out an error I had the same thing I called Motorola tec. Support

  • JF

    I got the error. Now phone just reports “up to date”

    This is my sad face :~(

  • nick

    I talked to moto after my update failed it was an accidental release was told my phone is up to date and they won’t push out the update anytime soon all they could say was next year… I think its bs cause the HD versions have jb we should have got it by now and sending a false update that wasted data on christmas eve isn’t cool. Come on motorola you’re better than this

  • jonathan

    Currently the “check for update” is hanging and then reporting back that it is unavailable and to check back later. Seems like an ota issue which caused them to shut down for a bit. I’m hopeful it will be back up shortly but my phone has been acting up all day. Its sending messages b4 I complete them then changing what I typed into jibberish also the keyboard is lagging as well as various other apps like the camera and Facebook. Unsure if related but seems odd that this happened the same day they are releasing an update…just thought I would share

  • JM

    My razr maxx successfully downloaded and installed 4.1.2, so far it seems to great, no issues yet.

  • Karl

    There never was an update I call Motorola and what happened was from what they told me is they were updating there servers with a patch and it had caused a glitch and that is all it was jellybean is coming soon still in the building stages

  • karen

    I have motorola droid razr and received build 4.1.2 tonight and it’s working!

  • JM

    Call it what u want, they sent jb to my phone.

  • Nicholas

    To be honest, if they really did push jellybean to any handsets, it would be the glitchiest release you’ve ever seen. Its definitely not done, so if they released it on accident early, then it would be riddled with bugs worse than ICS was.

  • http://www.droidrzr.com nobreak1970

    It is JB (4.1.2) it is not glitchy so far.

    And yes…they really did push it accidentally.

  • Jerrell

    I and my wife both have the Motorola razor Maxx. She received the update and I never received it at all I’m even col even called Verizon and Motorola bot both companies told me to call Googler

  • Jerrell

    I and my wife both have the Motorola razor Maxx. She received the update and I never received it called Verizon and Motorola both companies told me to call Google