Don’t know how feel about this one. Looks like some speculations have been running the direction of a T-Mobile Galaxy S III LTE version. Now T-Mobile’s LTE network is not supposed to be launched until fall of next year, but the model number SGH-T999L closely resembles T-Mobile’s regular SGS3 SCH-T999,


Now this would be a very dumb move on Tmo if this were true, simply because the LTE is not there yet. Then you would be given a phone with an LTE chip that is constantly running, and suffer terrible battery drain. Sound familiar Verizon GNex users? So your guess is as good as mine on what this Samsung model number is. If it is indeed the SGS3 LTE, I would not recommend buying it. Sadly, people still will. Let us know what you guys think.

Source: Android Guys

  • FILA

    you would just turn off LTE