By now you guys should know that we love new gadgets. Sure the next big thing in smartphones is great, but we really like inventive accessories that have the potential to serve you through multiple devices. Battery Backups, Bluetooth speakers, Docks, Stands and just about anything else that will out live what ever device you own now and plan to have in the future. So when we saw this new Dock Minimal product, we just had to show you guys.

“We know how annoying it is to buy all new accessories when you upgrade to a new model or different brand,” says Petur Olafsson, founder of onanoff. “So we wanted to create a dock and stand that evolved with the latest technology and could fit everyone’s new holiday tablets.”

onanoff Dock Minimal 1
That about sums it up right there. Dock Minimal is a combination dock, stand and productivity tool all rolled into one easy to use accessory. It offers up 20 different viewing angles for any angle you need for that moment. Everything you need is all housed right inside the dumb bell style design. Slide out the kickstand and insert it into any of the various holes in the back to create the viewing angle you need. The hole and the kickstand arm are magnetic to ensure a solid fit and to keep it from falling out. In the end of the kickstand arm is a stylus that you can slide out and use too. It really is a pretty ingenious little design and versatile product. Take a quick look at a video below see it in action.


As you can see, Dock Minimal was designed with various tablet devices in mind. The interchangeable holders for the top that keep the tablet securely in place and the interchangeable cord plugs for the bottom give you a dock/stand that you can use for your Nexus 7, Samsung tablet and even your silly friends iPad. Why have different docks for your various tablets when you can have just one?

onanoff Dock Minimal 2
You should know how this works by now. Head over to Onanoff’s Dock Minimal Indiegogo page to see more images and more information about the product. Make a pledge for the amount you want to contribute to the success of Dock Minimal and then sit back and wait for your new accessory to arrive. As it sits right now, they are planning to have them out in the funders hands by February.


Onanoff’s Ingiegogo page


  • jeff donuts

    still not sold and will NEVER be sold on the tablet stand fad. are people so fucking lazy they cant even hold there tablets anymore? i will give them credit on the engineering part on how they made everything fit into an hourglass shaped tube

    • FILA

      and the standing pole doesnt even store inside the tube part? Seriously, wow. just buy a damn folio case

    • Anthony

      I’m pretty sure no one is saying by owning a tablet dock your never going to hold your tablet again, but I for one sometimes want to put down my tablet relaxing my wrist without straining my neck looking down on the tablet, so those different viewing angles they offer is i would find pretty useful.

    • http://www.onanoff.com Thor

      Hi FILA and thanks for your feedback. For your information the standing pole does fit in the tube, it can be stored within the side fittings without it falling out if the Dock is turned 180 degrees. What we are trying to accomplish with the Dock Minimal is a Dock that has a lot of viewing angles for all situations and as mentioned in the article, is compatible with almost all tablets.