[MOD] Turn your LG Optimus G into a Nexus 4



Who bought an LG Optimus G? How about changing that Optimus G into a Nexus 4? Wait, you do not want to? I would not blame you. I played with in Optimus G yesterday for the first time, and I found it oh so sexy. Even LG’s UI did not bother me at all. It has a lot of great features, and just the look of the phone had my mouth watering. Well for those of you with an Optimus G that wants to have more of a pure Android experience, a new mod has hit the community that will transform that pure LG experience into a pure Android experience.

rohan32┬áis the mad scientist that has conjured up this little mod, and it will overwrite the AT&T software with clean Android 4.2. No matter how nice an OEM’s UI is, you just cannot go wrong with pure Android. With that sexy look of the Optimus G, running stock Android 4.2 is going to look just marvelous. Hit the link below to head over to the XDA forum page with instructions and downloads. Let us know how it runs.

XDA Forum Page

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