I’ve found that Android has never been very consistent in controlling headsets with buttons. The main issue that I’ve seen is when I plug in one of these headsets, a.) the button control doesn’t work at all or b.) double clicking while listening to a track will not only skip to the next song, but it will also dial your last contact in your call log. It seems that, I wasn’t alone, all Android versions have been plagued with issues, especially the autodial problem, just Google “Android headset button autodial” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Typically my go-to app for this has been, RemoteControl, which I’ve written about before at my previous gig. Ever since moving to Jelly Bean though, this app never seemed to work right and I was stuck. I tried a few other apps, but they seemed to have the same non-responsiveness as RemoteControl, until I tried Headset Button Controller by Christoph Kober.

Headset Button Controller is simple to use and setup. It recognizes whether you have a single button or a three button controller and each can be configured accordingly. Please note that just any triple button headset will not work with Android unless it has been specifically designed for it, such as the HTC Smart Wired Headset. Also note that three button headsets made for certain fruity devices have been known to be incompatible with Android, so research what you buy to prevent disappointment.  Anyway, button actions on Headset Button Controller can be set to perform various functions. Jelly Bean hogs use of the long-press and uses that exclusively for Google Now voice actions, you’re stuck with single, double, triple, and quadruple clicks which is more than enough though. Additionally, profiles can be set along with widgets. Headset Button Controls

A full list of button actions includes:

[quote]* Stop
* Play / pause
* Next track
* Previous track
* Previous track (2x)
* Mute / unmute
* Voice command
* Voice search
* Redial last number
* Say current time (Text-To-Speech required)
* Launch app
* Launch shortcut
* Tasker task (requires Tasker app)
* Switch profile [/quote]

Check out Headset Button Controller for yourself with the fully-functioning trial version to see how it works with your devices. If you’re satisfied, drop the dev some beer change and purchase the full version.

Application:  Headset Button Controller Trial

Developer:  Christoph Kober

Cost:  Free

Application:  Headset Button Controller

Developer:  Christoph Kober

Cost:  $2.99


  • Christian S

    Thank you! Ive been flashing Jelly bean for months now and Ive always had issues and had to downgrade until now.

  • Mark Lester

    It helped…

    Using Galaxy note 2 and been having problems with the headset button and its so annoying like a Mot******!. but with this app it kinda help still having some minor problems though.

    It works but not perfect compared to my xperia mini pro (No app) the headset button is almost perfect, the button press does not have to be perfect as long as you press it twice it will go to next track, thrice for previous and so on and so fort..

    I hope apps like these will be a default on every android phones. Just sharing 😀