Time for a little Android 4.2 if you have not gotten it already. CyanogenMod has rolled out the CM10.1 M-Series which are the most stable builds for each device. Sadly, it is not all the high-end phones. I have been unlucky to not get any Android 4.2 builds on my One S yet, but I know the One S is a pretty difficult phone to build stock ROMs for. So with that, here is the somewhat lengthy list of devices getting these new stable builds:

* Samsung Captivate
* Samsung Nexus S (+4G)
* Samsung Galaxy S3 USA models (D2*)
* Samsung Galaxy S (galaxysmtd/galaxysbmtd)
* Google Nexus 7
* Google Galaxy Nexus (all variants)
* Google Nexus 4
* Google Nexus 10
* ODroid
* Samsung P3100, P3110
* Samsung P5100, P5110

So there you go. Samsung devices galore. Click the link below for the downloads and let us know how they are.

CM 10.1 Downloads