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Hello my favorite people. I promised this Ask The ManDroid last weekend and just did not get around to it. But here it is! If you have any questions for me do not be afraid to ask. Enjoy!

  • FILA

    Well I would pick the HTC One X in 2012, actually the Evo 4G LTE variant. Im an HTC guy also, but have left for the Nexus series. DNA, best phone out there right now. If I had 500 ome dollars, Id put that bitch on T-Mobile’s 1900 network, and stock it, if it was rooted yet. In the mean time the next HTC phone I’ll buy, is when HTC makes a Nexus, or stock! I have a long wait

  • PeterRedBird

    To HTC, please don’t skimp on the battery and I’ll buy it!