Arcane Legends Hammerjaw
Spacetime Studios is always hard at work to make their current games better and better all the time. Arcane Legends is their most recent social game and follows similar game play to their previous titles. You pick a character, you embark on quests, you make some friends and you upgrade like crazy as the battles get tougher. It really is an outstanding game that any MMORPG fan out there should get their hands on.

According to a new set of info posted up on the Spacetime Studios page, this Thursday is going to be a crazy day for current gamers. They will introduce a new patch that will make the first Arcane rarity pet available, Hammerjaw. As you can see, he is a wicked new hammerhead shark pet that cruises around with you. He looks ferocious. His activated ability is a sweet buff along with crackling electricity that swirls around you and your teammates for the duration of the buff.

Hammerjaw is a rare pet. You can find the rare pet egg in the locked Premium Watchman Crates. If you can find him, you will get to have him by your side for battle. You will also complete an Arcane Achievement, granting you a banner and the Arcane Title.

Still aren’t playing Arcane Legends? Hit the ink below to get in on the action. The game is free after all.

Play Store – Arcane Legends

Via: Spacetime Studios