Noodlecake Studios Spokko
One of my personal favorite game development companies, Noodlecake Studios, has just released another great free game to the Play Store. In partnership with Spokko, creators of Tiki Totem,  comes Zombie Road Trip.

I know, we have a ton of zombie games out there to play. That doesn’t mean we don’t need more. Zombie Road Trip is an endless style game where you are running from a pack of brain eating zombies. You car takes off and never stops. There are only three controls you need to worry about. A front flip rotation button, a backflip rotation button and a fire button. You do flips of jumps to get a speed boost to increase the distance between you and the horde. Bad landings slow you down and terrible upside down lands get you killed. As you race along you need to be sure to shoot any zombies that gt in your way, failing to do so will also slow you down and could mean game over.

Zombie Road Trip Noodlecake Spokko 2 Zombie Road Trip Noodlecake Spokko 1
Every time you play you get points and coins. You use the coins to buy new cars, weapons and gadgets. Each upgrade will cost you some coins. You can play the game and earn the money needed to upgrade to new cars and weapons, or you can hit the shop pick up some extra brain coins for various prices. Check out the video below of  Zombie Road Trip in action.


It is a pretty fun little game. Getting your landings down will be the key to success. If you need a new leisure style zombie killing game, fee free to pick this one up when you get a chance. Go ahead and click or scan that handy little QR code down below.

Application: Zombie Rod Trip
Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
Cost: FREE