Last week iDigitalTimes reported that Google Employees were secretly testing an update to Jelly Bean, Android 4.2.2. It was apparently no big deal, but offered various bug fixes from what testers were saying. At least, they didn’t notice anything major. That isn’t all that surprising really. Google would be wise to work out any kinks in the current OS variety before moving on to the next. That same update managed to sneak its way to a few Nexus 4 owners in Brazil, purely by accident of course.

According to unnamed insiders, Google employees sporting a Nexus device (Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, 7 & 10 ) all have the ability of trying out the latest Android 4.2.2 secret update. All are using their devices like they normally would, looking for issues, glitches or other things that could hinder the user experience. No one has anything to say about any changes to the user experience yet though. Official changelog information doesn’t exist. At least not that anyone is leading on to. IBTimes says they tested out the new 4.2.2 build and are confirming the update is very minor. One thing that they have noticed is a fix for the apparent Bluetooth streaming bug on the Nexus 7. One that would cause the device to stutter while streaming.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2.2
With Google I/O fast approaching, no ones mind is really on Android 4.2.2. It is all on Key Lime Pie. However, fixing up Jelly Bean to be the best it can be will surely have something to do with Key Lime Pies arrival and release. It should also help bring other devices up to speed with Jelly Bean hopefully. If Google gets Jelly Bean rolling perfectly, or as near perfect as it can be, then come Google I/O, the only topic floating around will be the new OS and not issues found in the last iteration.

Estimates are placing the updated Android 4.2.2 version to be landing publicly on all Nexus devices between mid February and mid March. This seems about right in our book as well. Now will Verizon and Sprint be pushing it out that soon to their carrier versions of the Galaxy Nexus, or T-Mobile to the Nexus 4? That is a completely different story that we will reserve for another day. For now, just know that some fixes and updates are definitely pending.

Source: IBTimes

  • FILA

    The Galaxy Nexus is full of 4.2 bugs that never got cured yet. I just live with it now.
    And regards to T-Mobile pushing out a 4.2.2 update when the time comes, That shouldnt be T-Mobiles call, thats purely Google, since the T-Mobile Nexus 4’s are un touched

    • blaque37

      T mobiles is not untouched! T mobile’s version is locked just like the rest of there phones, hence the reason I didn’t purchase one from T mobile. I had to wait until it was back online. You can call any T mobile store to verify!

      • jeff donuts

        @blaque37 your’re a fucking moron. tmobiles nexus 4 is the SAME as the one from the play store. tmobile just subsidizes it with a contract thats it. the software is all the same. research it u fucking idiot. it doesnt even have wifi calling or any bloatware. god ur a fucking dumbfuck for saying that. please research before spewing shit out of your mouth dumbass

        • FILA

          haha, thanks. The only reason people shouldnt buy the Nexus 4 from T-Mobile is because of the price. The only difference.
          Good to see you back Mr. Donuts!

      • draine

        Dude the Nexus 4 that T-Mobile sells is unlocked even. I was able to put in a sim card from NET10 and it worked after a reboot.

    • jeff donuts

      dude ive been here all this time just undercover sometimes.