Find your way to OZ
Google has recently launched a new Chrome experiment that they have been working on for the upcoming Disney movie “Oz: The Great and the Powerful”. Bringing the whole thing to life inside your Chrome browser without the need to download anything, install any plugins or the need for any other apps.

Inside the 3D experience you can compose your own music, play around inside a photo booth (web cam required) and make your own movies with a Zoetrope. You will also face a tornado. If you survive you will get to see an exclusive unreleased clip of the upcoming movie. Take a quick watch of what the experiment has to offer.


Google mentions that for the best experience you will need an up to date computer built to handle intense graphics. When we launched it for the first time we could choose speed or graphics. So even a slightly older computer should be good to go, you just won’t get the extremely beautiful graphics. Of course they also suggest using Google Chrome to do it. Along with the PC based experience, you can also open it up on your phone or tablet using the Chrome Browser mobile app.

To check it out for yourself, head over to Find your way to OZ on your PC or smartphone/tablet.

Source: Google via 9to5google