PIE Controls

Innovation is always key. And the boys who have created the Paranoid ROMs have done just that. Not only have they introduced hybrid features to their ROMs, they have recently added another little nugget of Android innovation to their builds. PIE controls.

PIE controls are nifty little shortcuts that are not visible until you touch a certain part of your screen. It opens up in a “pie” like manner, and you have your choice to use toggles, hardware keys, or open up an app. Now the only way we could ever use PIE controls was if we flashed a Paranoid Android 4.2 ROM. Luckily the awesome developers over at XDA have taken those PIE controls, and put it in its very own APK file and called it LMT Launcher. All you need is root, and then download the APK from the thread page and BAM…PIE controls. Some say this little function is not needed, but the fact of the matter is…it just looks cool! Check out my quick review video below, and the link to the XDA download page is below as well. Let us know how you guys like it.

LMT Launcher Thread