T-Mobile and LTE are going to be heard together a lot this year, and the Galaxy S III is going to be the first T-Mobile phone to receive LTE. We have already heard that this was going to be the case, but TmoNews has found a nice little screenshot on when we will see the newly LTE flavored SGSIII.

In the photo above we not only see the SGSIII listed, but the new Blackberry Z10 and the two Samsung Exibit phones as well. March 27th is going to be a big day for T-Mobile, but I kind of do not think many people will go for the SGSIII LTE. T-Mobile has only juiced up the LTE in Kansas City apparently, and I was aware that Tmo will not officially start flipping the LTE switch in major markets until this Fall. I could be wrong though, and it is not preventing them from releasing the newly LTE charged device. Little rambunctious I guess, but it is all good. Let us know what you guys think.

Source: TmoNews

  • FILA

    Anyone should just hold out for the next greatest device. Either that M7 or S4 this summer which you know will have LTE. Youd be a fool to jump on the S3 LTE version. HSPA+ is plenty fast enough to hold you over.

  • Matt

    Since the Galaxy Note II also contains an LTE radio, I imagine that makes the GS III LTE the 2nd LTE device on TMO?