It is that time of the week where we recommend an app to your guys. This week we have SayIt Voice Launcher. This is a simple voice recognition app that once triggered, you simply say the app you want opened and it will open that app for you. THAT IS IT. Simple, but super fast. I know what you are thinking. Why do you need this app if you already have Google Now on your phone? Well try to launch an app through Google Now. Guarantee you that it will take a little while and it might just google the app for you. With SayIt Voice Launcher, it quickly opens up the app in the matter of 2-3 seconds. I have been using it all day and it has yet to not recognize an app title. Awesome development here.

Another feature it has is the popular apps button. When you place the widget on your home screen, you will get not only the voice button, but you will also get a popular app button. This button opens a folder with the apps you visit the most. The first one of course being the app you are on constantly. You can also add the widget that brings up a shortcut dock with your popular apps on it  I failed to show that in the video below, but yes it is there for you. Nice little added bonus to this simple app.


SayIt will run you a whole dollar in the Play Store, which is not bad at all. There is no LITE or TRIAL version, but I still highly suggest breaking open that wallet and pulling out that George Washington flash card. Check out the video review below, and let us know what you think of it.

Application: SayIt Voice launcher
Developer: n Software
Cost: .99

  • PeterRedBird

    fast? you mean lightning speed… Faster than Google Now, in terms of opening apps by voice. Way…. faster, no offense Google,.