Android is in your phone, your tablet, computer, and soon to be in your glasses. Where else can it go? How about your feet?! How would you like a pair of shoes that motivate you to walk, and record your data to improve advertisement? Yeah…I would not want that either.

Over at SXSW this weekend, Google decided to show off a not so real product, but then again, who knows. They actually want to see if you can make these shoes. That is correct. Developers, get to work. Basically this is an experiment in advertisement, and Google is teaming with Art, Copy & Code to create “a series of experiments to re-imagine advertising.” This week just happened to be these talking shoes. Anyone remember the old MC Hammer cartoon where his dancing shoes talked?


The company YesYesNo, headed by Zachary Lieberman, and the company Studio 5050, headed by Despina Papadopoulos, have teamed up and make these “smart shoes”. These sneakers that are Adidas high-tops work with an accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth, and have speakers built inside both tongues of the shoes. Here is what Google had to say about all this:

By connecting a pair of sneakers to the web, we’re creating unique opportunities between physical objects and digital ad spaces. Every move the user makes generates data that’s captured using an accelerometer, gyroscope and pressure sensors. That data then gets pushed to a web app on your mobile phone and translated in real-time into funny and motivating commentary. That commentary then gets pushed to banners and social media, creating new, interesting content in the digital world from something happening live in the physical one.

It is pretty interesting stuff, no doubt. I do not see any use in having talking sneakers, but maybe people out there would love to own a pair. Check out the video of what they would be like in action. Feel free to make your own, but be wary of water coming in contact with them.

Source: Android Comunnity