Owners of a Samsung Epic 4G Touch will be happy to hear that your Jelly Bean awaits you in the Samsung Kies. The build number is GB27, and is looking to be a pretty hefty download. You will get all the tasty treats that come with Jelly Bean, such as Google Now, Project Butter, and Rich Notifications. I am sure you Touch users out there have been craving all of those, so I would suggest getting in there right now and update your phone. Let us know how you like it.

Source: Phandroid

  • Brad Fleming

    I have a big long question??? I have a Samsung Vibrant 4G AndroidSpin and I had it given to me by my Dads friend… So I had it sit around the house for months and now finally want to turn it on so I did… I actually turned it from t mobile to straight talk… Now I had to get a SIM card and all that good stuff… So its on and it keeps messing up with service and its slow and so my buddy was using it and noticed how shitty it was acting so he went into the settings and went to about phone and it said android 2.3.6 and he said dude this isn’t right so he showed me and he said it should be android 4.0 or higher (ice cream sandwich) so he went back and seen update so he hit it and it said No Firmware… He thinks it was rooted before or flashed or something and I said I don’t know so what should I do and is there a way to put firmware onto this phone and get my ice cream sandwich back lol… Please let me know asap… Thank you and please get back to me…