Not too long ago, we reported that Best Buy was planning on having a section for Samsung in their store locations. Looks like that concept will be coming to all their 1,400 store locations, and these Samsung sections will be called “Experience Shops.”

The first round of Experience Shops will hit 900 locations by the beginning of May. The remaining locations will get their shops going, probably by early Summer. These Experience Shops will add some kind of competition to the already Apple shops that are within Best Buy stores. These shops will display all of Samsung’s electronics  just to make it easier to purchase a product for you Samsung users out there. Let us know what you guys think about this.

Source: Android Community

  • FILA

    the rest of the store will be empty, lol, 80% of a best buy store is sammy. just kidding, this is cool. cant wait till it comes my way.

    • FILA

      they need to line up all there screens by size. from the small 3.2inch android, keep going to your right, pass 4 inch, 5 inch, 6-10 inch.

  • Best Buy Free Offer

    I think “Samsung” is a great product, and I am glad it is getting it’s own section. Sure will make it easier to find.