facebook-home-promoFacebook has now gotten its very own OS, and its very own phone. To the public, it can be a great thing, but for us Android enthusiast, we think it is the devils work. Well I got two new promo videos for this new Faceboook phone to show you. One will probably make you cringe, the other…will make you laugh.

First, we have the serious Facebook Home promo. This video just demonstrates on who the target audience is. Those people who just cannot be away from their phones for more than five seconds. I have said it before, die-hard Facebook and Instagram users will love Facebook Home. So this real promo video captures that essence.

The second Facebook promo, is nice little parody promo vid that a creative YouTuber came up with. With any new big device release, someone out there will come up with a pretty funny parody video. So check them both out below, and let us know which one is your favorite.

Real Promo



Fake Promo