The Galaxy Note 3 is supposed to unveiled to us at IFA this September  and now a new report says that it just might be rocking the Samsung Orb camera  There were rumors that the Galaxy S4 was going to using the new camera, but it looks like Samsung decided to save it for their “next big thing.” Speculation suggests the reason for this, is because Samsung was waiting for Android 5.0 to support the Orb, and Galaxy Note 3 should be launching with Android 5.0.

If you are not familiar with Samsung Orb, it is basically like photosphere. You will be able to take 360 degree panoramic pictures, which hopefully they add another feature to it, and it is not just a Photosphere rip-off. Let us know what you guys think.

Source: Talk Android

  • GeorgeV

    Wow. Apparently Samsung hasn’t learned their lessong frm the lawsuit with Apple.

    They do a lot of shady things lately, like taking Google’s apps, do almost insignificant changes to them, and rebrand them as their own. Not cool, Samsung.

    • MarshalR


      Is it like Facebook?

    • Matty-pooh

      @GeorgeV I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees it…
      I’ll be sticking with my HTC thank you very much. I much prefer innovation to competition.

      • ano

        nice. I will stick with my Nexus S :)))

  • Richard Yarrell

    Nothing will be better than the Galaxy Note 3.

  • Bru

    I have a GN2 and it is brilliant. No better phone. The camera at 14 MP sure makes large files but the camera is NOT that good. Horrible low light. I sure hope they put some effort into the actual low light ability of the camera before getting this 360 camera which I happen to not care about at all.

    I sound negative but I really love my GN2 and other than the camera it is stellar.