Resident Evil

Resident Evil 4 is a well known name. It seems like the Japanese get the good games because… well… they make them, plain and simple. They have Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, the whole nine, as Japanese language exclusives. Your only hope was to grab a copy of market enabler and invest in a copy of Rosetta Stone. This is what we have come to accept as a brand. The games that typically would only make it to the Apple App Store only see the light of Android day in the home of Tokyo Drift.

Well the tides have turned. World Renowned and award winning game series Resident Evil has given the fourth installment of the series to the (english speaking) world. This is a step in the right direction. The console fans now get a taste of the action. For those that have never heard of it, well, get acclimated with gaming greatness.

However, this is where “the new kid on the block” comes  into play. Have you all ever heard of Samsung? Yeah I didn’t think so. Well this no name company decided to claim exclusive rights of the English version of the game. So you can only get it on the Samsung App Store. See how the small companies try to make a come up? Well played worthy adversary (in my Mayor West from Family Guy voice).

In all seriousness though, Samsung made a big move. Let’s be real though, this screams “pirate me!” A major release in ENGLISH, and Samsung wants to be selfish. Want to change your build.prop? There’s an app for that. Need a quick way to download it, I’m sure the Russian pirates had it on lock before Resident Evil could get it uploaded to Google Play’s servers good. This is just… dumb, it nails the stigma of Android on the head.

So, if you have yourself a Samsung device on hand, boot up the App Store and grab your copy. Oh, and I’m pretty sure it’s for new devices only, my old SGS 4G (a.k.a. my mp3 player, it’s just a Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 with a better camera and a 3g/4g antenna at the end of the day) doesn’t even have the Samsung App Store.

Source: Super Game Droid

  • Cherries

    Oh great another iPhone user writing on an Android website.

    • Stormy Beach

      I am confused. He mentioned Apple once. That they usually end up getting games ahead of Android. Which they usually always do. Sometimes days, other times months, before Android does. Which is true. He picked on Samsung for being the largest Android manufacturer and having the pull to make it a Samsung App Store exclusive. Which is great for Sammy owners, but leaves fans of other devices off the list. I feel his frustration, while I have a Galaxy S4 and could go get the game, I have also seen a number of games that are exclusive to other chips and devices that I have really wanted. I am not going to buy 5 different devices to have a different set of gaming options.

  • 313dash

    Your right Stormy Google must fix this issue! Some user have to change build prop. Just to play a certain game is stupid. You should be able to just download a game and play.

  • bala

    This game is really good so download and play