ArcNote is a great new app for assisting notetaking



Ever wanted to take a photo of a slide at a presentation but you’re sitting too far away, or at a weird angle, ruining your photo? Well, ArcNote is here to help. ArcNote is a new Android app from ArcSoft that will allow you to take snaps of presentations slides or large screens and the app will help convert the picture you have taken into a nicely formatted slide for your keepsake. Have a look at some of the screens below to get an idea of how nifty this app can be.

As you can see, ArcNote can take the photo you have taken and automatically shift the perspective on your area of interest. If it didn’t get it quite right the first time, you can always manually tweak the area that ArcNote is shifting. In the brief play I had with the app, the automatic detection of surface is actually pretty good; I was able to get it to shift the perspective of the desktop monitors of my PC pretty accurate. ArcNote also includes features that will allow you to edit your slides, like cropping. Man, do I wish I had this app at university.

One other cool feature of ArcNote is the ability to record sound and take snaps while doing this. This is alone doesn’t seem that amazing, but the audio put markers in the audio track as you pictures which allows you to know exactly what part of the audio applies to which picture you’ve taken. There are also several sharing options available to ArcNote, such as sharing your slides directly to Facebook or Twitter, or to create a PDF and put them on cloud storage.

Simple, but potentially very useful for┬ájournalists, students and essentially anyone that attends presentations. And you know what? It’s free. Check out the Introduction video below.



Is ArcNote an app you’d use? Let us know what you think of it down below.


Application: ArcNote

Play Store Link

Price: Free


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