Google Maps Update 10-20-2011 with NFC Permissions

We all love our apps, and with more than 800,000 available in the Play Store, there are plenty to choose from.  But some things about them still bug us users. App Permissions.

During the Google I/O Fireside Android Chat, Android Framework Engineer Dianne Hackborn said about the idea of optional app permissions;

“There have certainly been a lot of thoughts put into this. There’s nothing that we can commit to doing right now, but we’re definitely thinking about this.”

Dianne Hackborn was hesitant to say that any changes were definitely coming to the app permission system, but did confirm that Google are looking into the possibility of adding the highly requested feature.

With most smartphone users these days being very much aware of just how much information marketing and Ad companies are trying to mine from their devices, users are looking for ways to prevent them, and disabling certain app permissions will certainly help.

Source: MobileBurn

  • FILA

    be nice to decide what permissions to give in certain apps

  • 3C

    That would be very interesting, the only thing to remember is that it will be based on app definition (Manifest.xml) which will mention mandatory vs optional permissions for the app. So it will end-up being on developer’s basket to make certain permissions optional, and cope with that.

    Doing otherwise, will only cripple apps, or infrige developer rights. Particularly on Internet permissions used for ads. This cannot become optional without developer agreement.

    If one looks in latest API versions, one will find some new stuff for optional permissions, so I’m sure it’s coming 😀 and that will be great for both users and developers.

    One of my app uses 32 permissions, some could easily be made optional, only disabling related features. Users will be happier with such option, allowing them to feel safe installing that app, and aware of what actually uses it.

  • Peter Kroll

    I do understand the need to control the use of permissions. But, we all know nowadays this is also being heavily misused. It is completely overshooting if even a wallpaper asks for my phone identity and fine location, I don’t need to be a programmer for knowing what is going on there. Therefore, the distrust many users have developed is understandable. Developers are not doing themselves favours with such practices.

    I thought it is much better to auto-disable an app in case certain permission are retracted by the user (i.e. ads in free apps), but otherwise being it a free choice to disable ANY permission, with the exception of those which are essential for the app to function (for example a fine location (GPS) permission for a navigation software). There are indeed many apps with functions I never need or want. For example I never use any Cloud storare and don’t want to have any connection to it.

    Last but not least, I do not trust Google ruling / managing my app permissions. I have painfully long gone through ALL of them, and Googles are the “worst”.

    Peter Kroll, Singapore