The story of HTC is slowly becoming a tragedy. The once popular OEM that gave us the very first official Android phone, and the first Nexus phone, continues to sink into the abyss with no signs of recovering. Many HTC executives have now departed ways from the company, and you got to wonder what the next step will be. Here is a list of executives that have already jumped ship:

  • Chief Product Officer – Kouji Kodera (responsible for HTC’s overall product strategy)
  • Vice President of global communications - Jason Gordon
  • Global retail marketing manager – Rebecca Rowland
  • Director of digital marketing –  John Starkweather
  • Product strategy manager – Eric Lin

Peter Chou reported that if the HTC One did not pull the company out of the quicksand he would step down as CEO of the company. No word yet on if that is gong to happen in the near future. One HUGE mistake HTC made this year, has definitely got to be the HTC First. It only took a month before the commercials stopped running, and the price dropped nearly 100%. We can all hope that the HTC One will lift the OEM from the deep hole it has fallen in, but it might be just a little too late. Let us know what you guys think about this.

Source: Android Guys

  • Kathleen

    I have always been happy with HTC. I have had an HTC ONE for about a month now and it is by far the best smartphone I have ever used. I’ll be greatly disappointed if the company fails due to poor management and marketing. Maybe someone can step in, who recognizes the outstanding product quality and has the skills to pull this company up before it IS too late.

  • FILA

    The HTC First is a fine little phone, maybe not for the FaceBook garbage but for a stock handset, its quite nice. I played with it already in the store. But without those FB commercials getting the word out, no one knows what it is, or let alone the new Facebook UI

  • frettfreak

    You know. I have been an HTC fan for a long time. It was only Jan when I got my first phone in the last 5 years that wasn’t htc. But u know what. Too little too late. HTC can bite it. They have lied way too many times. Mostly regarding updates that done ever fn happen, and especially about leaving good phones behind and not updating them at all so you have to buy a new one. As much as I am not a fan of samsungs build quality, they pretty much update fast and bring new features to old phones. Not to mention that on the rooting / dev side of things samsung is lightyears ahead of htc.

    It would be sad to see htc go away, but we all know that’s not gonna happen. They will get bought out, hopefully buy a company that know what the hell they are doing and maybe make a come back. Who knows. All I know is I won’t be buying an HTC for a long time.

  • rovingnome

    HTC one is the best phone I’ve ever had by far.