pixel press


It’s safe to say that mobile gaming is like eating for me at this point. Just like eating, gaming is pleasurable, convenient and comes in a variety of experiences (sounds more like sex, but you get the point). The ultimate addition to my gaming addiction would be if i had the ability to actually make video games, but for whatever reason, I refuse to pry through that Android SDK and spend days (or weeks) trying to learn. Well, now I don’t have to.

I am pleased to introduce Pixel Press to Androidians and iPhans alike. This game, if you haven’t guessed by now, lets you create your own game. Here’s the catch, say goodbye to headache causing code work and say hello to drawing your own levels!

Pixel Press is boasting some awesome features. The process is simple, “Draw a level, take a picture, design it, play & share” as their Kickstarter page so states. The games you create are going to put you in the mindset of classic titles like Mario Brothers and Metroid, offering a retro, 2D sidescroller style of gameplay.

Anyone that games with me will tell you that I don’t touch 2D games with a 10 foot pole, I much prefer a 3D game with intense graphics and a big cache that takes forever to download. However, this is groundbreaking to say the least and I have to get my hands on it. It essentially allows me, in recreation or with purpose, to use their sketch kit (downloadable PDF), draw, take a picture of it and play on it. It kind of takes me back to those days when I lost all of the pieces to Monopoly, so my siblings and I would take out paper and make our own board game.

The good news is that the game is fully funded! The bad news, because it only got $107,000 in funding, iOS users will see it in December of 2013, but Android won’t see it in the light of day until (literally) a year from now. They needed $125,000 in order to do a December 2013 Android release, and the Kickstarter campaign ends in (at the time this was written) 7 hours.

Alongside the basic releases, had they reached $150,000, it would have included OUYA support + Uploading [your own] graphics & Music + Altering Physics, $175,000 would add Big Square Mode for Younger Children, and $200,000+ for more elements such as coins, moving platforms, enemies, bosses, etc. all by December of 2013. So, that means that while we will see these features, expect to see them more closely towards the release date of the Android version more so than the iOS release.

So, if you can manage to acquire a cult following who can muster up $18,000 in six hours: first call me and see if they can make that happen for yours truly, then take them to the Kickstarter page and let them go wild with the pledge button. In order to get an early copy of the game, the $6 pledges are sold out, and the $10 pledges only apply to iOS users, so you are going to have to bump up to the $25 pledge, but on the up side you get the Game download, Pre-Printed Sketch Pad with a special Android logo, the Android “backer” badge on your kickstarter profile and a special playable Android Robot character to use in your levels, expected by December 2013. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty sweet deal for $25!

So are you going to pledge? Let us know in the comments below. Before you do, though, hit up the Pixel Press Kickstarter Page and pledge!