The rumor mill has begun to spin again about the Galaxy Note 3, and this time the rumor is about the display of the new phablet. Seems that Samsung might release two different Galaxy Note 3’s variants, with either an AMOLED, or a LCD screen.

The reason Samsung is doing this? Well, they have the Galaxy S4 with Full HD AMOLED, and the newly announced Galaxy S4 Active has an LCD. That leads us to believe that there will be an ‘active’ version of the Galaxy Note 3. So if you do, in fact, want to get the Note 3, and care about water spilling on the device, you might want to wait on purchasing the phablet.

When it comes to the screen differences, I would say there is not much different between the beauty of the two. HTC used super LCD for the HTC One and DNA, and we all know how pretty those displays are. Let us know what you think about this.

Source: Android Headlines