hpIt’s been a while since we’ve seen HP in the smartphone market since its acquisition of Palm appeared not to pan out, but is looking to join the fray once again. Speaking with Indian Express, Yam Su Yin, HP Senior Director of Consumer PC and Tablets Asia Pacific, confirmed that they needed “to be in the game” but would not name a timeline for HP’s re-emergence on the smartphone stage, adding that it hoped to offer a “differentiated experience”.

With the smartphone market growing ever faster and faster, particularly in Asia, it would indeed be foolish of HP not to start making smartphones again, though having sold WebOS to LG, it looks increasingly likely that HP will have to adopt either Android or Windows as their primary platform.

Like many latecomers to the smartphone market though, unless their smartphone brings something groundbreaking to the table, it seems like a steep, uphill battle for HP to make any sort of a dent in the crowded, vicious smartphone market. What are your thoughts on HP re-entering the smartphone market? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Indian Express via engadget

  • FILA

    maybe ifthey bring some QWERTY androids back in the game, then yea they may win some hearts over but anything else like everyone else is doing, HP will be lost in the wind