Why does Big Red constantly try to be the outcast? All the other carriers are rocking the HTC One, and Verizon has yet to give us any real hints that they will carry the new flagship phone. Well today, leak king @evleaks has leaked out an image showing us that Verizon will in fact, be selling the HTC One. Congrats to the Verizon users, you are late to the fun again.

Verizon was the last carrier to put the Galaxy S4 on their shelves. They were almost a month late on getting the phone, and now with the One, they are showing up fashionably late to the party yet again  Maybe it is a marketing strategy. Do not see the strategy in it, but I am glad to hear you Verizon users will be able to purchase the popular phone. Let us know what you guys think, and if you plan on getting the phone.

Source: @evleaks

  • FILA

    Im surprised they didnt plaster the Verizon logo somewhere on the front of the phone