Remember last year when HTC started teasing us about the M7? We all agreed it was a cool name, then were heartbroken when it was changed to the uncreative, HTC One. Well it seems HTC is going to keep that trend going for 2014.

The HTC M8 is looking to be HTC’s flagship for 2014, and since it is one increment higher, this will most likely be the next generation HTC One. Question is, what will they name? HTC One 2? HTC Two? Your guess is as good as mine, but what is also supposed to happen this year, is HTC is going to release another version of the HTC One. That might just be a silly rumor, but at least HTC seems to no longer be the sinking ship it once was. Let us know what you guys think.

Source: Android Community

  • FILA

    hate to say this, but that looks like a windows phone. Looks like a windows key in the bottom center and a magnify glass on the right. maybe this is the One windows edition

    • FILA

      also there is a camera shutter button the the bottom right side of the phone, and i think Windows phone require a shutter button…or did that take that requirement out now

    • John

      Dude..the concept picture clearly says that it’s powered by windows…

  • Ethos

    I hope it will be nice flat even on the back ..