[RUMOUR] Coloured Panels May Not Be The Only Customizations For The Moto X Phone


moto xJust yesterday we spotted Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, using his slick-looking, white Moto X phone to make a phone call, and we’ve been hearing various reports and leaked pictures over the last few weeks that suggest that you will be able to customize the colour of the panels on your Moto X phone. According to Taylor Wimberly, however, the customizations won’t stop there. Wimberly says that as well as the colour, you’ll also be able to customize the material that the backplate is made of, including choices like wood, metal, ceramics, fabrics and of course, plastic.

That’s not exactly the type of customizations I’d expected because I’d never really thought a different material on the back of my phone would ever be a choice (cue joke about getting a metal backplate on Samsung phone). But MotorGoogle is obviously making this an option for a reason, though this might end up being an annoyance for accessories manufacturers as people who do customize their phones probably won’t want a case to cover up their personal statement.

I guess the only real question here is, which material for the Moto X’s backplate would you get given the choice?

Source: Google+ via Phandroid

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  • FILA

    No wood. That would look ugly.
    What exactly is ceramics for a cover?
    Fabric, yes no thinks, dont want leather or felt, lol
    It either be metal or plastic for me.

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