New Google Maps online
Back at Google I/O they demoed what the new Google Maps online would look like. In the beginning stages you had to request an invite and pray to the Google Gods that you got accepted. While plenty of you probably did get your invite and have been happily playing around on the new Maps interface, many of us were left out in the cold. Heck, I almost forgot they even showed it. Today they have moved past the email invite system and are allowing anyone who wished to sign up give the new and improved Google Maps a go for them selves.

The new Google Maps for the web is even easier to try out. No email invite needed. Sign up and get instant access:

No more sitting around checking your inbox and spam folder for that illusive email. Go hit “Try Now” through the link above and get yourself instant access to the new Maps. What are you waiting for? Go to the new Google Maps page now.

Via 9to5Google

  • FILA

    runs slow on the desktop right now, hope it improves. I guess Google is taking out the feature to make maps for navigation and shit, what a load of shit. makes sense take out features that people may have used to plan actual trips and not just one search for a fucking sushi bar like they always advertise. Thanks Google