cygnettThe Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is starting to go on sale around the world now, and while the argument on whether it’s a significant phone in it’s own right and worth its price point rages on, there is a whole line of new accessories to greet the Galaxy S4’s little brother. Today, we’re taking a look at two cases from Cygnett, in particular the Form and Feel cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

The Form and Feel cases are designed to be “practical case designs” based on cases from the Galaxy S4 range, and the cases look straight to the point; simple, with the bare essentials, and a fair price tag, the Form and Feel cases are a great way to get a high-quality case onto your S4 Mini early on.


In the box are your usual Cygnett staples: screen protector, screen cleaning cloth, protector-application card, and the usual fine print. As always, exactly what you need for a new phone, or a phone needing a new home.

Both the Form and Feel cases look to be made of polycarbonate, which is common to the body of many of Cygnett’s cases, resulting in a highly rigid and protective layer. While I didn’t have a S4 Mini on hand to slip into the cases, they do appear to give ample leeway for all the access points of the phone (i.e. buttons, plugs, speakers) while retaining enough rigidity to likely have a snug grasp of the phone.


The cases aren’t terribly thick and there is quite a lot left exposed on the top and bottom edges, so that will probably deter you from having any long drops with your S4 Mini.¬†The Form case that we got our hands on comes in a glossy, Diamond White, which will go nicely with the white S4 Mini, and the Feel case comes in a Matte Black, again, a nice compliment to a black S4 Mini. The full line of the S4 Mini cases also includes the Crystal case, with an additional colour option of Ruby Pink.

Both cases look great, if simplistic, but that might be all you need. The Form and Feel cases retail for $24.95 AUD, coming in at a decent price, and given Cygnett’s track-record of high-quality products, the cases are unlikely to disappoint, especially when they have a lifetime guarantee. And if all you want to do is protect your S4 Mini from Day 1, the Cygnett Form and Feel cases are a great option to have.


If you’re interested at having a look at the Form and Feel S4 Mini cases, or to have a look at the rest of Cygnett’s range, visit¬†

Cases: Form and Feel

Cygnett Product Page

Price: $24.95 AUD

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