CyanogenMod just threw a new teaser video up on their CyangenModTV YouTube channel. It is something they are referring to as the “Nemesis”, and in the video we get a couple of random passages, then it ends. We are all scratching our heads about this video, and there is a brief one second shot of a phone’s lockscreen at 0:13. Only thing that stood out on this lockscreen was the fact that it said “free” underneath the lock icon. Other than that, we get random sentence referring to memories, pixels, challengers, and nemesis.

Stormy mentioned that the boys over at CyanogenMod are planning their very own device. He has heard they have been planning on doing this for quite awhile now, and I even remember hearing these same rumors as well. This is probably what we see for that brief moment when they show that phone’s lockscreen. A full on CM device would be something interesting, and it could take up the community by storm.

Your guess is as good as mine on what is coming from CyanogenMod. It is something that will improve Android that is for sure, so we will keep you posted if we find anything else out.

  • JDan

    Transparent nav-bar looks familiar.