cygnettCygnett has just this past week released its line of cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet, which will include the Cache and Lavish cases. Both are folio cases that double as convertible stands and both look perfect for a professional setting. We’re lucky enough to be looking at the Cache today, so let’s dive right in.

You may remember from my review of some Cygnett cases for the Galaxy S4, there was also a Cache designed for that, and it is more of the same here: the case on the exterior is a frosted canvas giving it almost a waxy texture and on the inside, the case is a plastic rigid case to hold your Note 8.0 in place. At this size, the case really does add to the illusion that this is in fact a hard-bound book, which arguably makes it perfect in an office or study environment.


Inside the box, you’ll find the Cache case and a reminder of Cygnett’s amazing warranty policy. Unlike the smartphone cases, the Cache for the Note 8.0 does not come with a screen protector, however, it must be said that there is a general expectation that people drop tablets less. Also, without the screen protector, also gone is the Cygnett branded cleaning cloth. Although this is typical of Cygnett’s tablet cases and indeed most all tablet cases on the market, it would have been a nice bonus had they been included.

cygnettThe case itself is incredibly light; the frosted canvas and the plastic weigh almost nothing meaning it won’t add a lot of extra weight to your 338g Note 8.0. It does, however, mean its not terribly thick, but it will do the job in most office and home settings where you shouldn’t sustain more than the odd bump.

cygnettOn the inside of the case you’ll find the plastic holder for the tablet, as well as two card holders on the inside cover of the case. This is a nice touch as this space is typically not utilized in many tablet cases. The card slots are adjacent to the grooves for the stand function, which of course means that in landscape viewing mode, these card slots will not be easily accessed, though I haven’t thought of one scenario which you’d need to do that yet. All the button gaps look readily accessible and there appears to be plenty of room for accessing all the various ports and the stylus.


The aforementioned grooves will allow you to use the Note 8.0 at 3 different viewing angles and thanks to the Cache’s frosted canvas, the inside lining and the canvas edge actually work very well together to create quite a lot of friction. This does give you a little more confidence that the tablet won’t just slide out from the grooves as many other case are prone to do.

If there’s just one gripe I have with the Cache is the same issue I had with the Galaxy S4 version which is that I worry about the wear and tear on the stitched hinge join on the back of the case as the case is used more and more. I haven’t yet had a chance to try the case long enough to see how it does, but you can always take solace in Cygnett’s life-time warranty.


The Cache is a great case, well suited to the office and home, offering a lightweight, stylish and functional case for your Galaxy Note 8.0. At $49.95 AUD, it’s priced more in the mid-range of tablet cases, but if you like what you see, it’s unlikely that you’ll be disappointed. With the Cache and the Lavish under their belt, Cygnett’s Galaxy Note 8.0 range looks like it’s off to a good start and hopefully we’ll see more accessories for more Android tablets soon.

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Case: Cygnett Cache for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Price: RRP $49.95 AUD


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  • adam

    Just got this today but having a small issue if I fold the front cover around to the back and if it flat against the back the screen seems to freeze up. No swipe or that works but button actions still do. Anyone else having this issue? Think it has something to do with the cover that makes the screen turn on or off when opened or closed.