nexus 5Many of you who have been following this Nexus 5 saga since Android 4.4 KitKat was announced would have seen the FCC filing that looked a lot like the Nexus 5 from this video. The casing shape and the positioning of the camera is almost unmistakable from what little we’ve seen of the Nexus 5. Some even went as far as to create concept mock ups of the Nexus 5 based on what little was seen in the FCC filing.

In an unusual turn of events today, king of leaks, evleaks, has come out and shot down this rumour, saying that the LG D820 which is the referenced device in the FCC filing is in fact just a CDMA variant of the LG G2:

There are obviously several issues with this statement not least of which is the fact that the camera on the G2 is centred, accompanied by the volume buttons directly below it. The fact that it’s been mocked up and looks almost exactly like the device we saw at Google, while not strictly scientific, is pretty good evidence that this LG D820 is, or at the very least is related to, the Nexus 5.

This smells a bit fishy: could Mr. evleaks be trying to get us off the trail to the Nexus 5? Or are we really just looking at the wrong phone? What do you think about this; give us your 2 cents worth in the comments.

Source: Twitter

  • theRapist

    Evleaks is pretty legit so I don’t think he would mess up his rep with a stupid joke. And why would an lg g2 variant not have the lock/volume buttons on the back that it is known for? I’d say 50/50 chance for either of these rumors

    • John K

      Evleaks probably meant to state the d821 and not the d820 in his “rumors” For what things were revealed of the d820 it seems like it is the most likely candidate to be the Nexus 5 given it is running KLP (now KitKat) and is codenamed hammerhead software wise (N4 was mako another shark) along with the pictures of the inside of the case lining up pretty much spot on with the videos we have seen. It seems highly unlikely for Evleaks to be right in this situation.