Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headphones…Sweet

I am a bit of a Bluetooth junkie.  I’ve had more ear pieces and accessories then I care to count, and if I did count, it’d probably depress me.  There were some good, some horrible, some exceptional, and some that got tossed the first day out.  But that is how it goes in the world of tech and tech addiction.  My name is Zach, and I’m an Bluetooth addict.  With every venture there is always the possibility of an utter and despicable failure, but it is that one (or two) good one(s) that feeds the passion, fuels the fire.  I’ve had the pleasure for the last week or so to play around with the new Jabra Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, these were not a failure by any means.  Now mind you, I am coming from a previous set of Bluetooth headphones, the Motorola ROKR, which was a nice set and they’ve made some nice advances, however they were always real rigid and pre-formed, and after a few hours of use, my ears ached and I was glad to have them out…this is not the case with the new Jabra Sport Headphones.  So, without further ado, my experience and thoughts on the goodies I’ve had the pleasure of using.

Jabra Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


They carry with them a new feature I’d like to touch on to start, a built in FM radio.  What makes this more than a kitchy add on, is now, if you don’t want to carry your phone with you for the tunes you’ve got saved locally or in the cloud, you can simply push the FM button and you’re rocking to your favorite station with, what I consider, good reception.  They come with seven, yes seven, different ear buds so there is no way you won’t find a perfect fit for your ears, even if they are big and floppy or small and dainty.  They have a set that fit you muy nice.  The gel buds are a touch different then most of those on the market, they slide inside the ear and don’t have that baffle, noise cancelling, thing hanging off of them; I personally didn’t find that little added on flap missing or necessary.  They are constructed of (as you can see in the image above) two separate ear pieces that are connected by a wire hooking them both together along with a tension clip that slides up and down the wire to ensure they fit a variety of users, basically anyone who wants to wear them, they will fit, something different from the previous sets I’ve used.


They, Jabra, have simplified the button configuration with a MF (multi-function) button that works to turn on, turn off, pick up a call, hang-up a call, play and pause music, and put into pairing mode.  I may be wrong and this button could do more, but if I recall, this is the extent of the functionality.  The sound quality coming from the ear pieces is great.  Super clean and very crisp.  The FM radio tunes in easily, a simple press and hold of the volume up or down button, and you’re scanning stations for something you want to rock out to while you work out, run, walk, or sit on your couch watching someone else work up a sweat, hell, I’m wearing them right now as I type this up I love them so much.


I’ve put these through their paces as well.  I get up and run or ride a bike daily, sweating all over them.  This falls inline with how Jabra tested them out before releasing them too, they tested their durability in rain, dust, shock absorption, and they passed with flying colors, well yea, they are on the market touting their great durability and functionality, and in my opinion, rightfully so.  This headset, along with boasting war enduring capabilities is Bluetooth 3.0 compatible, has AVRCP support (you can control your music from this device when it’s streaming from another device, such as your mobile phone), and can stream music from any Bluetooth capable device like an mp3 player, mobile phone, tablet, or a computer to name a few, it has built in background noise filtering, and mute capability built into the device so you don’t always have to use the mute button on your device if you’re on a call.  Battery life and expectancy is average, 4 hours talk time and up to 120 hours of standby time (time the headphones can be on when not in use, for those wondering.

Here’s a couple videos by Jabra about this headset to bring to light anything I may have forgotten:



One thing I did forget to mention, as it is not a function of the head set, but a perk that comes with them, a 3 month premium prescription to Endomondo, a fitness universe with workout enhancing features to help you push yourself to the next level and drag as much out of yourself as possible to reach that next milestone you’re reaching and striving for.

After a good long look and trial of these, I’m happy to report, I’ve retired my Moto ROKRs for these comfy hopped up headphones and I’m not looking back.  High Five Jabra!!

Check out Jabra.com to see how you can get your set and push your workout and Bluetooth collection to a new level, you won’t be disappointed, I can damn near promise.