Anker Astro3

Battery packs are great little inventions and offer an amazing convenience when there is no wall outlet in sight. I am sure there is at least 1 outlet in your home that is taken up by a wall adapter that charges your phone via USB. This is basically how every smartphone,tablet, and a few other mobile devices charger nowadays so having an external portable charger is a necessity if you travel or just don’t want to be tied to the wall when your device dies. There are a ton of battery packs out there and out of all of them I’d say Anker is in the top 5. Today I will be reviewing the Anker Astro3 External Battery, a great external battery that gives you the charge when you need it the most. So enough talk let us dive into this review.

Anker Astro3 What's In The Box

What’s In The Box:

  • Anker Astro3
  • Charging Cable/w Ipod adapter
  • Pouch


Astro Anker3 USB Ports


Of course this is one of the features, it is after all an external battery. This is something a ton of products do already but most of the battery packs I’ve seen only offer a max of two USB ports to charge your devices, usually a 2.1 and 1.0 port. Anker took it a step further and gives you 3 USB ports to charge your devices. The extra port is actually called a Smart Port, the intelligence behind it is that it can provide a charge of up to 5V/2.4 Amps to all devices. This is great as tablets are becoming even more popular each day and most of these tablets use a standard 2.1A to charge, so a 2.4Amp charging port is a welcomed change. The other two ports are universal and push about 1.5A, which is pretty common in most android devices. And last but certainly not least is the charging shut off, basically once your device is fully charge the Astro3 will shut off automatically saving you battery life for the Astro3 to use at a later time, but when talking about 12,000 mAh external battery you don’t worry about losing power to quickly. To charge the Astro3 itself too me about 7-8 hours which is pretty much standard among external batteries this size, so make sure to charge it over night if you need it at full power the next day.

Anker Astro3 LED


So this was something new as well, in order to start a charge you connect your cable to the Astro3 then you shake it to begin charging. I like this simply because it gives the Astro3 a more streamlined look to it and no need to worry about buttons failing, which happens with all tech from time to time. The shaking motion actually supports two different actions, the first is to activate charging and the second is to see how much juice is left in the Astro3 itself. Simply shake it and the LED indicator in the form of a circle will light up indicating how much power is left.

Anker Astro3 Design


As I said before the fact that it has no buttons is great, it gives it a very streamlined look and it easy to just throw in your bag and go. The LED is bright and shows you the remaining power in the Astro3 while it’s charging  your device/s and it also shows you how much it is charged when you charge the Astro3 itself. The material used isn’t cheap either, it has a great feel to it and has a good amount of grip so it won’t slip out of your hands easily.


None that I can think of.


The Anker Astro3 is a great external battery and with the simple addition of an extra USB has become one of my main go to battery packs when I travel. Being a tech fanatic requires a lot of energy and with a tablet, smartphone, and other USB accessories the Anker Astro3 is a must see for any traveler, tech junkie, or individual looking for a can do can portable charger. As far as the price is concerned you can pick up your own 12,000 mAh external battery on Amazon for about $50 (without tax) which is pretty cheap for the amount of power and quality you are getting with the Astro3. So if you’re in the market for a great external battery hit up the Amazon link below and buy the Anker Astro3, you won’t regret it.