mobile chrome appsChrome apps have been seeing a lot more attention as of late, thanks to Chromebook sales and Google themselves pushing web-based applications. There’s definitely some good stuff that is only useable on Chrome, however it looks like Google may be working on a tool that will help them convert these Chrome apps to work on both Android and iOS.

Dubbed ‘Mobile Chrome Apps’, the project is being worked on by Google Software Engineer, Michal Mocny, and was spotted on GitHub. Utilizing Apache Cordova, the tool will package up all the web-based code of the Chrome app into something that will look like a standard mobile app on whatever platform is being used. A pretty nifty tool for developers who want to port their web apps across, particularly as these packaged apps will be able to be submitted to the app stores on the mobile platform.

The tool isn’t expected to be in beta till January next year, but seeing as its on GitHub, you can probably take a gander yourself if you’re a bit of a code monkey. Do you see this kind of tool being useful? What about a tool that converts mobile apps to Chrome apps? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: GitHub via engadget