htcone-2-3d-conceptThe HTC One 2, or HTC M8, is making more noise today, with something that is actually pretty cool and I hope it will actually have it. Seems that the phone went through its WiFi certification, and in the document, it gives the impression that the new phone will be equipped with a WiFi antenna that will be able to switch from 2.5 GHz signals, and 5 GHz signals. As of now, mobile devices cannot operate if you set your wireless router to 5 GHz, which I ran into a lot when I worked for the cable industry.

Many customers that I had, craved for more speed, or a better signal from their router. I would then throw out the option of turning their signal to 5 GHz, but then they would pull out their tablets and I would have to let them know that it couldn’t use the signal if set that way. Sometimes customers would get confident and change the signal themselves, then call us up with a trouble call stating they can’t get WiFi on their mobile devices.


According to the document , the HTC One 2 should be able to use any from of 802.11 signal, and if I’m not mistaken, it will be the first mobile device to do so. I don’t think there are any devices out there that can receive a 5 GHz signal, but if there is, let us know. Also let us know your thoughts about this.


  • Brian Chang

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding the article, but my HTC One receives a 5GHz wifi connection just fine, as does my Samsung Galaxy S4.

  • Veron

    My HTC one uses 5G?

  • Nater41

    I am so confused by this article. Am I missing something? There are plenty of tablets and cell phones that can run on both bands . . . right now I am typing this on my HTC One connected on my 5 GHz wireless connection on my router.

  • Nater41

    Now I switched my HTC One to my 2.4ghz connection on my Linksys e4200 to type this.

  • Beauj27

    My HTC one picks up 5ghz networks using WiFi Analyser. Never tried connecting, but I’m sure it would if I tried.

  • SpeakethTheTruth

    I have been using 5g since the GS2…probably longer than that

  • Roger Richards

    Good to know that I’m not the only one confused by this article. I’ve been connecting to 5ghz Wi-Fi for a while now with my HTC One and Nexus 10.

  • Jason

    My HTC One works on 4.5ghz as is claimed by my router and of course 2.4ghz. I use the Belkin N750 DB Wireless N+ Router. I’m using 4.5ghz to send this now.

  • SnafoSoFauq

    What silly thing to say, next time do a little research. HTC Evo 4G, HTC One, Samsung GS2, GS3 and GS4 ect…. all have 5ghz compatibility.

  • Franny

    I’m using 5Ghz on my ancient Motorola Xoom! Poorly researched article.