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I got a red Shine.

Today, I present the Shine by Misfit Wearables. It’s a fitness tracker and watch that comes in several colors including Grey, Jet, Topaz, Champagne, and Red. It has interchangeable bands that transform how it looks and how it’s worn, allowing one to adapt the Shine as desired.

Shine is an all-metal, lightweight activity monitor that can be worn anywhere on the body to track activity (steps, calories, distance) and sleep (light, deep). It syncs wirelessly and effortlessly with smartphones and is powered by a coin cell battery for up to 4-6 months, allowing users to forego cables for syncing or charging.  Made from diamond-cut, aircraft-grade aluminum, Shine was designed to be timeless and built to last a lifetime.

The Shine was first on sale in early 2013, but was iOS only. In early December though, an Android version of the app was released. At CES 2014, the AndroidSPIN team had the pleasure of trying out a few for several days during the non-stop walk-a-thon.

The Look

A sleek, minimalist design artfully hides this unseemingly, fully-functional fitness tracker. To the passerby, the Shine looks like a fancy bracelet or perhaps a nice watch of some sort. It’s the perfect look for these kinds of things that I love.

Misfit Wearables Shine Black Review (5)

Stormy got a jet Shine.

The Shine fits in at both the gym and the office alike. It can be worn in several configurations with options including a waterproof sports band, a necklace, a leather watch band, or simply as a clasp that can attach to pretty much anything ranging from a sport coat to a tennis shoe.

Technical Stuff

The Shine uses a three-motion accelerometer in conjunction with bio-metric algorithms to process data into useful readouts. Data is collected from all daily activities including walking, running, workouts, sleeping, and even swimming (it’s waterproof). It calculates steps, distance, sleep, deep sleep, and calories, and converts this all into a user-friendly point system based on height and weight that defaults at 1,000 points.

Misfit Wearables Shine Insides

A Shine’s insides per their site.

The Shine syncs via Bluetooth Low Energy Support, and requires Android 4.3 or above to work with the Android app. Officially supported devices are the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3, and Nexus 4 & 5, though other 4.3 devices may work even though they’re not listed. For instance, it works just fine with Stormy’s Sony Xperia Z.


The App

The Shine comes with an accompanying app for your smartphone that pairs with Android and iOS devices alike. As stated earlier there’s a point system that is based on what activities you’re doing. You can set your daily point goal different than the default 1,000 simply by clicking the up and down arrows in settings under Adjust Goal. Your progress is shown in orange segments around your daily points so far. Below the points the app will show you your daily progress in steps, miles, and calories in orange text. Below this, towards the bottom of the screen in purple text, the app will show sleep patterns as total sleep and deep sleep in hours.

A week in the life of Stormy Beach and then some…

The Device Itself

Double tap the face of the Shine to awaken it, first displaying your daily point progress in the same fashion as the app, but instead of orange bars, it’s shown as a series of 12 lights. Well, 12 lights fit perfectly for what it does next. After double tapping the face and after your point progress is shown, the Shine displays an analog clock with a solid dot denoting the hour and a flashing dot representing minutes rounded to five minute increments. Alternatively, you can reverse this function in the settings to show the time first then you goal progress. Triple tap the face to put the Shine into sleep tracking mode, there’s no need to set it back into daily tracking mode, because the Shine knows when ‘you’ve been sleeping, it knows when you’re awake, it knows when you’ve been bad or good…’ just remember to triple tap its face.


At CES, all of our crew were wearing a Shine at one point or another. Rarely do we get to test a product simultaneously, and I’m happy to report that everyone including myself loved it. What’s not to love? It’s functionally simple, has amazingly low power consumption, works as advertised, and let’s just face it—it looks great.

I’ve seen a lot of fitness trackers and this is probably my favorite. Everyone at the office asks me about ‘that new red thingy on my wrist’ and I have nothing but good things to say about it. My offices does a fitness program and I’m more than happy to recommend the Shine as a tracker for the program’s needs.

I must say that the ‘most difficult’ part of using the Shine is remembering to triple tap it before falling asleep. I’m guilty of not doing this for several nights either because I simply forgot or I passed out before I had a chance to. Either way, this is a good habit to get into so you can use the Shine to its full potential. That’s hardly a gripe that’s any reflection on the Shine itself, just something to take note of. Anyway, take a gander at some pics of the Shine in action both at home and at CES:

The Shine by Misfit Wearables starts in price around $100 and goes from there depending on what accessories you buy. If you’re interested in the Shine, check it out:

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  • bob

    “Made from diamond-cut, aircraft-grade aluminum”

    Or, as its known in industry, Aluminum

    • Stephen Yuen

      Or, as it’s known in the rest of the world, Aluminium 😉

  • Patience

    you know, that whole ‘three tap sleep mode thing’ is not stated clearly, The packaging has changed from the box at CES to a plastic dome, of which there is no instruction manual enclosed. Thus no triple tap instructions! I call that lil hiccup a misfail vs misfit. Otherwise I’m pleased enough with my new toy in black, though after much online searching it is clear that the iOS app shows extensive detail on daily activity, where droid just shows the ‘orange circle’. Fingers crossed on successive app updates! 😉

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