Google Wallet is gaining a new update that appears to have started rolling out yesterday. The update is offering up quite a bit of new goodies that not only helps make Wallet a little easier to use, but also helps you shop a little smarter on the go.

  • Scan the barcode of your Loyalty Cards to add them to your Wallet Account
  • New notifications based on your location and loyalty cards to help you “shop and earn rewards.”

Google Wallet UpdateGoogle Wallet Update
At least that is what the Google Wallet posting on G+ said. However, this function has been available since the last release. (as pictured above). The implementation of it has changed though. Now when you are adding in a Loyalty Card it automatically launches your camera to scan the barcode and you have to tap the wording to add it manually. Images below.

Google Wallet APK Download Google Wallet APK Download
Other than that, near as I can tell, the update just gave a nice new UI slideouts and some adjustments to icon locations.

Google Wallet APK Download

Before Update

Google Wallet APK Download

After Update

If you are looking to pick up the APK and not wait on the Play Store to deliver the update to you, you can pick it up over at GappsEarly. Get it on Google Play

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