htc m8 dual cameraI’d like to see this photo get debunked: the media world has been in a bit of a frenzy with all the leaks regarding HTC’s next flagship, the HTC M8, flying left right and centre. One leak in particular appeared to show the unannounced HTC device bearing a dual-sensor camera array with dual flash LEDs, but this was quickly shot down on Twitter by HTC’s own Mark Moons, HTC Director in Benelux (see the “photoshopped” image here). Well, today, there has been another leak, and this one is a little harder to dispell. Courtesy of NoWhereElse, the above photo appears to show the HTC M8 dual camera in all its glory, and sure enough, the flash LEDs in this photo appear to differ from those seen in the “photoshopped” image.

While we should still be taking this leak with a grain of salt, the photo does look pretty genuine given the quality of the photo and the fact that the cameras look quite detailed. We have been hearing for some time now that the HTC M8 is expecting a dual-sensor camera which is meant to give budding photographers greater control of focusing their images, even after taking the photo (for more on the technology involved, see our article explaining it here).

This is probably our most conclusive evidence that the HTC M8 dual camera exists, but what do you think about this leak: do you think it is real? And can you see the benefits of utilizing this dual-camera system? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: NoWhereElse

  • DurteGurl

    Not sure about the icons at the top for I don’t own either of these phones but I believe they are altered pics.. Not that I much care, was bored but why go to the extreme of doing this if in fact they are? I may be totally wrong but I think some peoples ambitions need to be applied in a more conductive/”legal” way lol But to each his own I guess. Good day.

  • SubX

    I am sick and tired of all these rumouu amd bullshit floating around. As every damn article says, take it witha grain of salt. I’m fed up hearing it! If it’s all to be taken with a grain of salt, then don’t publish these articles. Better yet, don’t make up rumours in the first place and let’s just wait for the device to be released.

    It’s not far off so cut the crap!

  • James Bricknell

    The flash is not level. It isn’t cut into the metal correctly. Seems a bit dodgy

  • jos

    This is the real deal. I hope the camera will be great, include SD memory slot,no heating issue, great battery life and great UI with sense 6.