The HTC M8 caught on camera campaign keeps rolling on, and today, posts more images of the new flagship. The image above really shows its glossy back, which makes look even more sexy in my eyes. According to HTCFamily, the back is a polished metal with black plastic inserts. Whatever it is, I think it looks like eye-candy. They also uploaded a video showing us a render of the HTC M8. It isn’t real, but it might as well be since they have held it in their hands. So check that out below, and let us know what you think about it.



  • Jack Parker

    Those cameras are awful. And that’s going to be a scratch magnet

    • Stephen Yuen

      The technology behind the cameras is actually pretty cool, but each to their own :)

      • Jack Parker

        Not the tech. Just the design. Its not a looker, this phone

        • Stephen Yuen

          I agree with you there, though I think more than a few HTC fans will have something to say about that 😉

        • ultrafuxel

          Wow dual ultrapixel so that means dual purple tint cam, aweeeeesomeeeee!!

        • Stephen Yuen

          Hopefully won’t be any tint since you’ll be able to fix the photos after taking them

  • Al James

    If they go with that huge bottom bezel that holds the HTC logo, they will have made a huge mistake. Please get rid of that, that could be used to make the phone smaller, or screen bigger.

    • Stephen Yuen

      Probably wanted their HTC logo to go somewhere, and since both top and bottom have speakers, they had nowhere else to go. Still, we’ll see when the device is officially announced in a month’s time :)

      • FILA

        go wit hthe logo on the back of the phone like the other companies. But I agree, that huge bezel at the bottom has got to go, but Im afraid HTC wont do it.

        • Stephen Yuen

          I don’t know of any phones that don’t have a manufacturers logo on both the front and the back, though I’d like to be proven wrong; I just think that black bar is inevitable given that they haven’t deviated from the HTC One’s design all that much.

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